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Serendipity Garden Weddings Videography

Bride and Groom dancing at Serendipty Garden Weddings in Yucaipa          Bride in Horse Drawn Carriage during her Wedding Ceremony          Bride and Groom dancing during sunset at Serendipity Garden Weddings in Yucaipa

Chase and Michelle’s Wedding at Serendipity Garden Weddings was one that we will remember for a very very long time. The forecast said rain. We told them not to worry. “The forecast is always wrong and the wedding day will be beautiful.”

The day of the wedding arrived. The weather was bright and beautiful as we drove up into the hills for the wedding. We were glad the weatherman was “wrong” again! As we got closer to Serendipity Gardens, we noticed a change in the skies to what looked like a thunderstorm in the distance. We proceeded with things as normal and figured things would be alright.

As Chase and Michelle began to exchange their vows, the Skies opened up and rain poured down. They never wavered, never quivered, never took their eyes off each other. In front of their closest friends and family, while weathering a storm and downpour of rain, Chase and Michelle stood tall and made the commitment to each other for better or worse, through thick and thin, through sunshine and rain. It was a pretty awesome experience.

Photographer: Gary Coelho Photography

Venue: Serendipity Garden Weddings